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St. Joan Antide

Saint Jeanne-Antide Thouret (27 November 1765 - 24 August 1826) was a French Roman Catholic professed religious and the founder of the Thouret sisters.

Thouret's life was one of service to children and the ill across France in and hospitals - some of which her order established. This active apostolate did not cease when the French Revolution forced her into exile in both Switzerland and the Kingdom of Prussia.

Thouret's canonization cause started in 1900 under Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI later named her as Venerable in 1922. That same pope beatified her in 1926 and canonized her in 1934. There is a statue honoring her in Saint Peter's Basilica.
Mission Statement

To love Christ Jesus;
To love and serve the poor who are His members;
To show them the love of the father;
This is the charism and mission which St.Vincent de Paul and St.Jeanne Antide received from God.

Through education We serve the weak and the powerless in the Vincentian tradition lived by St.Jeanne Antide.

Autism Awareness 2018 Blue lighting on the school facade during the month of April

.... to raise awareness about Autism and encourage concrete positive action to help children on the Autism spectrum and their families eg. Make friends with someone on the Autism spectrum. Organise fundraising events for NGOs who help these persons or offer voluntary help. Educate yourself and others by reading about autism. Do not judge or frown if you see a parent struggling with a child s behaviour at the supermarket or restaurant. Be kind always to everyone. We all have our personal struggles.

Eco School council at parliament Eco School council at parliament

The President and vice President of of our school s Eco Council took part in a session held for schools at the Parliament. Members of parlament were present to discuss environmental issues with the children

Waste separation education Waste separation education

Part of our waste-separation education campaign with pupils. Seen here is batterina explaining why it is important to put batteries in separate bins from those used for other waste. The photos of parents were taken during a parental skills course organised at school.


Gudja, Malta